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Do you need help getting around? Have a look at the tutorials below!


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Getting started

To get started with Labourhood project, follow this simple tutorial.

1. Create a project

If you have not created a project yet, or want to start a new project, go to the project list page.

Click on "New project"-button to get started. In the dialogue box, enter a project title and a project description.


2. Edit the project settings

Labourhood Project is a flexible tool where you can set your own project settings in great detail. After creating a project and clicking "Save and next", you will come to the project settings dialogue box. It has several tabs and subpages where you can set anything from 

  • deliverables statuses, categories, grades, quality levels etc.
  • tasks statuses,categories, priorities etc
  • list page columns, ie what you want to see in your list of deliverables and tasks
  • default sort orderings
  • team roles and permissions
  • team members
  • time reporting categories
  • and other settings.
3. Add deliverables and / or tasks

Go to the tasks page and add tasks by writing the task title in the task name field and press enter. 

Tips! If you write the task name and press ctrl+enter you will 1. add the task, 2. open the task and 3. make the description field active for editing in one go. Quick and easy!